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So, my Drupal install got hacked. I've done security updates etc, but I'm pretty much done dealing with this type of nonsense. I'm moving my blog to tumblr and will be moving my photo site to zenfolio. As for the rest of my stuff, I'm in the process of rethinking what I want to do with it.

The Moffat Conundrum

Stephen Moffat has a commitment issue. He's like a boyfriend that brings you flowers and whispers sweet promises of happily-ever-after, but just when you think he's about to put a ring on it, he's all like, "Psych! You totally thought you were getting hitched there didn't ya?" After a while you just have a hard time believing any of his sweet words, but you can't bring yourself to dump him.

Days of Future Past Review

Fox, I really have tried to like your Marvel movies. Despite the stinkers, there really is some greatness there. Yet, somehow, no matter how hard I try, there is always something that infuriates me. Whether it's the piss-poor casting and dumb "no clothes" Mystique of the first three Xmen movies (she at least gets a character and actress in the new ones), or the bimboification and stupidifying of both Madame Hydra and Emma Frost in The Wolverine and First Class, there's always something that holds an otherwise good X-movie from being great.

Female superheroes

Last month, I decided that it was time to get Marvel Unlimited and I haven't regretted it since (especially when I got my Guardians of the Galaxy swag in the mail). Aside from allowing me to binge-read comics to my heart's content, it's also allowed me to read some of the classic female-driven comics. What I've found has been both exciting and distressing.

Modern heroism

The witty one-liners are easy to come by when describing this past weekend's movie news. "In herculean twist, ScarJo crushes The Rock at theaters." Bad puns aside, you had two mostly mindless popcorn action flicks duking it out for dominance of an off-week sandwiched between blockbuster apes, transformers and talking raccoons. What made the battle of the beat-em-ups more interesting was that Lucy was an R-rated action flick without a franchise and with a female lead.

Dusting off this site

Well, here I go again. Running updates and cleaning stuff up. I'm going to be working to keep this site more updated as I prepare my first eBook for publication and work on refocusing my Photography. So stay tuned, there's lots more coming...

Silent Hill Revelation Review

From the time I saw the preview, I was a bit skeptical, yet vaguely hopeful about the second Silent Hill movie. On one hand, they chose the true successor to the first movie, Silent Hill 3, as the focus of this movie, instead of attempting the completely unrelated Silent Hill 2, which still stands as the pinnacle of what survival horror gaming can be. On the other hand, the misuse of the monsters from the wrong games, had me concerned that it was only a half-hearted effort.

New host

Well, here we are. I'm trying out a new host here and transitioning all my stuff yet again. Ugh. But on the plus side the site isn't fucking slow like it was on GoDaddy. Now to actually finish everything here.

There were some drastic updates to the Drupal theme I'm using, so I'm still trying to tweak the appearance, but on the plus side the theme now has mobile options, so I'm excited to try them out...

Ugh, spam

Well, the spammers have latched on to this site as well. Thankfully, no one other than me has to see the junk, but it's been flooding my inbox with phony comments. I've fiddled with the CAPTCHA settings, hoping that helps. We shall see. I often wonder what spammers think to accomplish by junk like this. It's not like their spam is sensible or anyone will be clicking it. It almost seems like a "because I can" sort of thing...


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